Undo Delete Command

While working with live data it is important that you work with full concentration, else it may cost you like anything.
Here I am sharing one of my colleagues expirence when he was working on live data.
While deleting some record with WHERE clause, he forgot to select the whole WHERE clause on executing the query... and what!!! all of the data from live data is gone..

How to rollback that data now???

What I did on my case is,
1. Find the log file path of that database by right clicking on the database > properties then Select Files from the left pane and noted the log file path (both .mdf and .ldf).
2. Downloaded a tool to read sql log file from internet which you can get from here and install the same.
3. Now to read the file, you need to first make your database offline. For that right click on database > task > Take Offline.
4. Open Kernal for SQL Database and open your log file (.mdf) and then click on recover.
5. That is you will get all your data. Now you can do what ever you like to do with the data.

Special Thanks to Pinal Dave

Reference: Muthukumar (http://nadarmuthukumar.blogspot.in)


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