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Post on this blog are my experience which I like to share. This blog is completely about sharing my experience and solving others query. So my humble request would be share you queries to me, who knows... maybe I can come up with a solution...
It is good know :-)

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Apart from above people can share their queries on programming related stuff also. As me myself a programmer ;-)

Three Simple Rules In Life

Meendum piranthal

Meendum piranthal Un Idayamaga Pirakka Aasai Padugirean Kaaranam...
Ovvoru Nodiyum Unakagavea Thudikka veandum Eanbatharkaga!!!

Sir Maths konjam easy'a nadathunga

Student: Sir Maths konjam easy'a nadathunga...
Sir: Eppadi pa?
Student: 3sha * 3sha = 9thara.....
Ipadi solunga Sir easya purium... ;-)

Girls psychology

So boys... beware of girls...

Gas in stomach

Take powder of Asafoetida (hing) about 2 grams and mix it in a glass of warm water. Take about 20ml of it twice a day.

Isai kalai endral "MUSIC"

Small doubt:
  1. Isai kalai endral "MUSIC"
  2. Ovia kalai endral "DRAWING"
  3. Natia kalai endral "DANCE"
  4. What do u mean by "Thava kalai" ???
Therinja solli anupunga...

Kangal seyum siru thavarukku

Kangal seyum siru thavarukku idhyam anubavikkum aayul thandanai, "KADHAL"
Dont waste life in LOVE

92 Year Old Yoga Woman

Everyone would have a stretch like this grandmother.
Look at Tao Porchon-Lynch, she was already 93 years old.
Six years ago she underwent a serious operation, but... Yoga gives grandmother courage and fortitude. And at 93, she is one of the most versatile women in the world.

LOVE is like a CIGAR

LOVE is like a CIGAR It starts with a fire..... continues with smoke.....and ends in ashes... But don't worry - we are chain smokers.

Vodafone GPRS setting

Step: 1
Send toll free sms "ALL" to 52586 from your mobile. 

Step: 2 
You will receive a configuration message from Vodafone which will ask for save/install, just accept the request.

Step: 3 
Restart you mobile phone, and DONE...

Nan Rojavai pola

Nan Rojavai pola Alagu Iillai...
En Idhayam Rojavai Vida Alaganadu...!!!


Athil nee Iruppathalthan...!!!

Anbu konda ithayam

"Anbu konda ithayam arukil irunthal enna?"
"Tholaivil irunthal enna?"
"Tholaiyatha ninaivugal ullavarai tholaivum oru sugamthan"!

Athigama “Makeup” podura ponnum..

Athigama “Makeup” podura ponnum.. Romba nala tea kadaila thongra “BANNUM” nalla irundhatha sarithirame illay.

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